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Self Portrait

by Rai Knight

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written and produced by Rai Knight with the exception of "Without U", produced by Zach Shipps, co-produced by Rai Knight.


released March 15, 2011

"Without U" compliments of Nottyhead Music



all rights reserved


Rai Knight Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Artist. Producer, vocal talent and songwriter.

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Track Name: I Can Move Your Heart
I can move the world or I can move your heart (x3)
I can, I can, I can

We're all work and no play
but we got to get this job done right
It's all worth it
That's what he say
But I'd like to have you in my life
I play it off like I'm all right
Yeah, I can be that strong tonight
But here's my dream and here's my heart
Breaking at the very thought


Small things change
This needs clean
It's a steady sort of satisfaction
No one talk, we just do
Keep up pace so we don't lose the traction
I play it off like all is fine
Well I'm yours and you're mine
But here's my heart and here's my dream
Breaking at the very seam

Track Name: My Verdict
Maybe those hip hop boys don't know what I mean
and those indie rockers don't know what I'm seeing
I got pop stars beating in my ears but they're not me
I got guitar songs wrote for years
that I don't want to sing

Here's my primal scream
I don't know how these things
build so many boxes 'round my heart
and here's my last report
my patience growing short
I don't care how you word it
I'm fucking done
that's my verdict

I got this guy calling from L.A
I got this guy calling from New York
I got this guy calling from the U.K
I got an agent at William Morris
but they all say whatcha doin' girl
well when's the next thing brewing girl
we heard your song
we watched your video
we sang along
but where's that new shit girl?


define it if you have to
i still gon' surpass you
send my tape to Kanye
built that shit my own way
many got the whole world on a silver spoon
talent is a game of who is knowing who
if you got the paper I can see this through
I just wanna rock it
see you on the moon

Track Name: Persistence
Baby if you're strong or acting all along
your body moves with resistance
I can be the breath of all you haven't said
just take my up on my persistence

my head I can't get away from tonight
babe you got my bags and you got me for life
whisper my words in your ear
it's my tongue that works here
and you can have as much as you like
make it my mission to convert you
I ain't gonna hurt you
I just want your soul tonight


Now we play fair up in here
'long as you proceed with care
I don't bite but I might if you slip
It ain't work 'less it's hard
'less I'm flying off the handle
'less I'm swinging from the moon
'less I'm doing what I do
I can produce magic
I can make you believe
I can induce logic
man I got what you need


Tragedy strikes, I decide to be myself
Angel fall from sky say, "you're creepin close to hell"
man that was visceral
don't take me literal
I'm standing in this valley of these words I try to pull out
fuck you retrospect I'm doing me
watch my intellect turn into the sea
swim to love now
swim to live now
swim to get out
swim to me

Track Name: We've Been Thru
I gave you my all
I gave you every chance to change boy
saw the writing on the wall
but I chose to look the other way
while our love stood trial
while I held your hand cuff and clasp
while I paid your bills and prayed your will
would bring me home an honest man
well honest man I couldn't hang with you
honest man you locked me in chains with you

He say, "after all we've been thru I know you're the one
girl you filled in the silence with love when there was none"
but boy I can't live this way no more
this can't be ok no more
something's got to break
make no mistake
I'm leaving you tonight

never would have told you that
never would deny you that
boy I put my heart in yeah
boy I did my time
yeah you saved me once or twice
yeah I know we both can't be right but
I kept praying that you'd grow up fast
and bring me home an honest man
well honest man
I could hang with you
honest man you locked me in chains with you


As I hear you cry out
but I can't look back now
you know it you owe it to yourself
to move on

Track Name: Thank You Vengeance
There's a hand on my shoulder
there's a heart in my corner
there's a move I wanna make
there's a man I wanna take with me
there's a few who got my back
there's a few who don't react
I can get a lot done if no one stands in my way

But there's importance in the opposition
fueling my ignition
wanna get me going just know how to burn me down
I thank you for the vengeance
electrolytic conductor
like my equation is finally working out

There's a hope I'm gonna win
there's a fear I won't finish
let me fight it out
I can't live without it
there's a few who motivate me
there's a few who kill my will
I can get a lot done if no one stands in my way


riding on an impulse
I don't wanna stop cuz
you need your spread sheets and scales
decimals and percentage sales
we're adapting to vibrations
you're adopting hesitations
x and y you try to solve it
why not try to evolve it
in what you need
in what I need

Track Name: The Sweetness
It's a new day
not a bad day
you're a good man
how you so damn good man
I'm a nice girl
with a sad face
you don't like that
so we change pace

Let's go for a walk in the city sun
let's go for a ride to the highest part
let's look from the top of the greatest view
now before we kiss
let me just say this

You taught me how to learn
you taught me how to love
you taught me how to smile
when I couldn't cry enough
you taught me how
when I look down
there's always sky above me
shinning on, shinning on
popping holes for stars

There's a sweetness you bring home like it's on repeat
and my heart drops to the floor like it's on the beat
you have hard days
how you never get phased
I have hard days
I go blank, we change pace

Track Name: Without U
It's great without you
fun without you, right without you
It's great without you
day without you, night without you
It's great without you
I don't have to fight without you
It's great when I think I'll never see your face again

It's harder in the beginning
I stayed, yeah boy I bit it
It weren't easy cuz you don't look very good to me
It weren't easy cuz you're not very good
there he goes shouting things
doubting me
throwing fits
and I can't see how that can be very good for me
there he goes on his knees
like he gon' marry me
I can't see how that can be very good


He wrote three times a day
he had all the right things to say
he promised things half way from heaven and gold to me
he promised things but he don't have any gold
there he go talking shit
too legit
I can't see how that can be very good for me
there I go making plans, clap my hands
I can't see how that can be very good